Wolfy Millington accuses Dan of bullying as number of cigarettes row continues

The residents have had outgoing rows above the current cigarettes recently
Big Brother neighbor Wolfy Millington blasted fellow neighbor Daniel Neal for “bullying” of her on the show, as the current row of cigarettes continues to spiral out of control.

imagesWolfy has found herself in the middle of most of the current rows of cigarettes during the contestants in the house, mostly because she does not want to share their stash, which she has accumulated.
Speaking in the diary room about her anger at the situation, the 20-year-old said: “I think there are some very ungrateful people, and tomorrow in the categories I am going to be very penalized. Everyone will be gunning for me, even my best friends.”

She continued, “It’s just a mental mind F ** K. It’s depressing me. I do not want to sleep in. that bedroom, I do not want to. ”
Crying, she then yelled, “I’ve never been in a situation like this, Big Brother I never surrounded him with negative people I’ve never surrounded him with people who get a thrill out of seeing people suffer I think it … disgusting.”
Joe Glenny also argued with the next door neighbor Dan Neil over cigarettes when he became agitated with a former police officer after he asked fellow resident Hazel for some of her stash.

“Do not make me angry,” Joe raged, adding. “I did not make a big deal; I said what the facts are, they are her fags. Deal with this information.”
“Stay out of this, Joe, I’m not talking to you,” Dan sniped back.
Joe continued: “Dan, Dan, please do not patronize me and speak to me. Do not ever think you can talk to me, because I swear to God you can’t.”.
Dan has hit back: “Are you actually kidding me, friend? Jesus.”
“I’m not your friend now,” Joe said. “And do not call me that either.”

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